Great photography instructs the soul of all our safaris



It is often asked whether photography is an art. This is a puzzling question for Nicholas Dyer, because for him, wildlife photography captures a creative expression which goes far beyond pressing a button. 

  • There is understanding the African bush; its moods and expressions. 

  • There is understanding the animals, predicting their behaviours and knowing what makes different species photogenic.

  • There is understanding light as it progresses through the phases of the day and how to use it creatively.

  • There is the magic of the camera and how to transform it into an extension of you.

  • And there is the African bush which regenerates your soul and creativity as it unwinds from the pressures of a busy world.

Where possible, Nick conducts his photography tours on foot, thus creating a real connection between the photographer and their subject.

His aim on each safari is simple. To ensure his guests are exposed to all the facets that make a wildlife photographer and through gentle guidance take a leap forward with their photographic skills.