Zimbabwe - an exceptional destination to see the painted wolf



It was not by accident that the BBC chose Zimbabwe to film Sir David Attenborough’s ‘Dynasties: Painted Wolf’

Neither was it by chance that Nick Dyer and Peter Blinston chose Mana Pools and Hwange as the backdrop for their book ‘Painted Wolves: A Wild Dogs Life’.

Zimbabwe has one of the most widespread and protected populations of painted wolves in Africa offering visitors opportunities to get to know this creature in four diverse locations. 

Each location offers an excellent chance to see multiple packs of painted wolves against a backdrop of stunning scenery and balanced ecosystems where all African wildlife thrives.


Zimbabwe is also proud to have two renowned conservation organisations (Painted Dog Conservation and African Wildlife Conservation Fund) that work tirelessly with the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority to ensure the survival of this highly endangered species.

Outstanding Locations

Mana Pools National Park


 A pristine wilderness on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River which Nicholas Dyer considers home and where the BBC filmed Dynasties. 

Hwange National Park


One of Africa’s largest wildlife game reserves and home of Painted Dog Conservation and the renowned Cecil the Lion

The Save Valley Conservancy


One of Zimbabwe’s most exciting hidden gems where painted wolves roam free in abundance supported by the African Wildlife Conservation Fund