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The Painted Wolf - the most enigmatic but elusive creature in Africa



The painted wolf is Africa’s most enigmatic creature and also its most elusive. For those lucky enough to see them, it becomes the highlight of the safari, surpassing the excitement of sleepy lions and lazing leopards.

Award winning photographer, author and passionate painted wolf conservationist, Nicholas Dyer, takes you into the heart of Zimbabwe and into special and often exclusive territories where painted wolves thrive. 

Working with renowned specialist guides and supporting conservation organisations, Nick will introduce you to the secret world of the painted wolf, interpreting their remarkable and fascinating behaviours while providing outstanding photographic opportunities, backed with knowledgeable instruction.

At the heart of Nick’s safaris is a genuine support for the conservation of the highly endangered painted wolf. With every safari, a meaningful donation is made to the Painted Wolf Foundation for the benefit of local conservation organisations in the field, many of whom are in deep need of funds to continue their work. 

Painted Wolf Safaris works closely with these organisations to find innovative ways to support the survival of the species. We introduce our guests to them so that they can experience first hand what it takes to save these incredible creatures from extinction.